Мастер класс UCLA по лечению сарком 8-10 июня 2016


8th of June 2016

• Registration

• Introduction

“The UCLA’s JCCC principles of work”

• Workshop “How to improve effectiveness of oncology societies”

- Organization of cancer diagnostic

- How professional societies in oncology can lead to optimize the diagnostic and treatment of cancer

- From clinical research to clinical practice: optimizing the way of implementation of novel diagnostic and therapy strategies in soft tissue sarcoma (STS)

- Best practice sharing

9th of June 2016

“One day in the hospital”

- In-patient and out-patient care of STS patients

- STS therapeutic guidelines used in the hospital

- Innovations in surgery and orthopedics to improve the STS patients’ outcomes

- Real life surgery with participation of attendees

10th of June 2016

• Workshop

“The right treatment to the patient”

- Pathology as a main tool to provide appropriate STS diagnostic

- Diagnostic networking within cancer care system

- Linking laboratory and clinic

- Systemic treatment of STS: current experience and opportunities

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